Big Words for Little Hearts is an engaging guide that helps children learn how to promote mindfulness in their everyday lives. Simple repeatable mantras help children create a daily focus, breathing exercises allow children to build upon social-emotional skills and yoga poses maintain healthy minds, bodies and souls.

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As they work through the big words found in this book, young children will enjoy the experience of growing their mindfulness along with their parents, caregivers and teachers.

They will discover we can all learn from those around us, even from the littlest hearts.

Ms. Sue with her daughter, Sage

Susan Fuller grew up in Western Massachusetts. A farm girl at heart and horsewoman most of her life, a devastating horse riding accident in 2013 prompted an unanticipated career change. After a handful of years working as a paraprofessional for preschoolers, Susan started the Mindful Movement program which uses breathing exercises and yoga poses to help children discover the value of mindfulness from a young age.


Ms. Sue — as her students know her — is inspired to empower children, parents, caregivers and educators to adopt practical life skills that will contribute to their social and emotional development. Most importantly, Ms. Sue is grateful for her late husband’s years of support. It is those years of unconditional encouragement that have given Ms. Sue the confidence to bring her message into the world and empower her readers.

It is my sincere hope that this book will give confidence and support to everyone involved in the lives of the children around them.


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